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Why You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel before the Holidays

Why You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel before the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to check in with your electrical panel to see whether it’s handling your demands adequately. Pretty soon you’ll be stringing colorful lights on your tree and adorning your yard with icicle lights and inflatable decorations like Santa, reindeer, elves or nativity scenes. Many older homes in Calgary and Victoria simply can’t keep up with current electrical needs. Often this leads to circuit overloads which can pose a danger to your home. Regardless of whether you want to deck all the halls or hang just a few strands of lights over your front porch, hire an electrician to inspect your electrical system to determine if you need an electrical panel upgrade.

Around Christmas time every year, there is a spike in home fires due to electrical hazar surrounding trees, decorations and open fires. By having your electrical system inspected making sure it’s operating efficiently – even during the increase in electricity usage – yo easy knowing your holiday season will be merry and fully of good tidings and cheer.

What is the Purpose of an Electrical Panel?

The electrical panel, also known as breaker panel or breaker box, is responsible for the distribution of electricity throughout a home. Your utility provider sends power to your electrical panel, allowing you to power all your appliances and electronics. Panels are more commonly located in garages, basements, closets and sometimes even in hallways or outside. While we don’t recommend performing any kind of repair on your panel, it’s a good idea to know where it is so that you can flip a breaker if necessary. Need help locating your panel? Check out this article on how to find it.

When to Consider an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Sometimes there are obvious signs indicating your panel needs upgrading, while other times it requires a licensed electrician to uncover a potentially hazardous problem. Here are some of the more common signs to look for:

  • Your panel emits a crackling sound and/or there’s a foul, burning odor.
  • Parts of your panel are corroding or there’s rust.
  • Your appliances aren’t operating at full power.
  • Your home is equipped with two-pronged outlets.
  • You haven’t upgrade to GFCI outlets in your kitchen, bathrooms, garage, basement, unfinished areas or outside. Read this article for the full NEC requirements.
  • You live in an older home that still uses 60-amp electrical service.
  • Your lights flicker and dim.
  • You receive a slight shock when plugging in electrical devices.

The holiday season is fast approaching. If your intuition is telling you that something isn’t quite right with your electrical panel, call us or request service here. Our expert electricians will complete a comprehensive inspection to determine the state of your electrical system and if you need an electrical panel upgrade. If we find that you do in fact need to upgrade, rest assured this will be a gift that keeps on giving. A new panel will give you reliable electricity, not tomention you will be able to experience peace of mind and truly enjoy your time with loved ones this season.

There are several other instances in which you should consider upgrading your electrical panel:

  • You’re planning to remodel your home. This is especially important if you will be completing work in the kitchen.
  • You’re adding a room to your existing home.
  • You’re installing new appliances such as HVAC equipment, a refrigerator, stovetop, etc.
  • You’re adding more outlets in your home.
  • You need to meet the criteria for homeowner’s insurance.

We recommend scheduling an appointment with us now, before the holidays arrive, so that everything will be in working order before family arrives. Give us a call today at (587)-315- 1361 or (778)-557-1519. Consider 24/7 Electric your most trusted source for all things electrical this Christmas season.

If you would like more information about electrical repairs, maintenance, or wiring services from 24/7 Electric, please call us at 587-315-1361 in Calgary or 778-557-1519 in Victoria, or complete our online request form.

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