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Save Money on home repairs in 20 minutes

Every year there is a long list of items you need to do to maintain your Calgary home. The simple ones are often the ones we forget or think will never become a problem and the large ones seem overwhelming. But not staying on top of these things now can be costly in the future.

According to Money Sense ‐ Every year you should expect pay 3% to 5% of the value of your home on maintenance. Make sure you are sitting down while you are crunching that number. The average home cost in Calgary is $450,000 so you should be setting aside $22,500/year for home maintenance.

While that may seem high you need to consider the cost of the annual maintenance and the upgrades you do once every 10 years or so. i.e. Hot Water Tank, New Roof, Upgraded Electrical Panel.

As a good rule of thumb we all know to check your smoke detectors twice a year in Spring and Fall. You also make sure that your drain spouts point away from the foundation, sparing you from costly foundation repairs.

But what do you do to maintain the more technically complicated systems in your home, like your Electrical system?

Looking at your electrical Panel can be puzzling and the thought of shocking yourself is un‐nerving.

So we took the time to put together a comprehensive check list that should take you about 20 min to go through.

If you decided you want to leave it to the electrical experts, 24/7 Electric can explain our Power Protection Plan© can save you money and provide you peace of mind. Call us today – 587‐315‐1361

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electrical safety checklist

If you are looking for a professional electrician, call 587-315-1361 in Calgary or 778-557-1519 in Victoria, or complete our online request form.

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