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Electrical Danger Signs

Electrical Danger Signs

Did you know that minor electrical inconveniences can sometimes be warning flags or danger signs for bigger problems below the surface and within your electrical system?

Major problems with wiring and circuit overload can have catastrophic consequences. Calling a licensed Calgary electrician or Victoria electrician at 24/7 Electric at the first signs of danger is the best way to ensure your family stays safe.

Here are some of the most common danger signs for big problems within the wiring, circuits, or panel of your electrical system.


Obviously sparking of any kind from an electrical device is scary. The source of the sparks is the deciding factor on how to identify the source of your problem. If sparking is coming from within an appliance itself, it could be an issue with that device that can be repaired and resolved. If sparking is originating at an outlet or anywhere within your actual electrical system call a licensed electrician right away.

Dimming Lights

Light fixtures only require a minimal amount of power to function normally. If the light they give off is fading, a larger appliance is the most likely culprit. If you live in an older home, your outdated circuit might be overloaded by large appliances drawing too much power at the same time. This can be fixed by adding an additional circuit or replacing your main service panel and upgrading to more amps. If your lights are dimming even after your appliances are not in use, there could be issues with your electrical wiring instead.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights could just originate from a loose bulb. You can check for this by turning off your lights and attempting to tighten the bulb into the socket. If that does not solve the problem, check to see if your light switch might be faulty. Toggle the switch off and on, and if the light returns to its normal behavior, you have identified the culprit. An electrician can easily replace the faulty light switch with a new one. If you’ve ruled out the bulbs and the switches, you may be dealing with voltage fluctuation or faulty wiring in your main electrical system. Contact an electrician for an expert diagnosis.

Burning Odor

If you smell a burning odor in your home and can’t seem to identify the source, check your outlets. If one or more of your outlets is the source of the smell, turn off your power at your electrical panel right away and call an electrician. This could be stemming from an issue assimple as a loose wire, but it could also be the start of an electrical fire in the walls of your home. Have an electrician examine the problem right away to ensure your safety.

Heated Receptacles or Switch Plates

If your outlet receptacles or light switch plates are hot to the touch, you should investigate the cause right away. Even when you plug in appliances designed to heat, such as toasters or space heaters, there should never be significant heat at the outlet itself. Check with an electrician to find out if an overheated outlet or switch might be wired incorrectly.

If you start to notice any of these electrical danger signs, or any other oddities in your electrical system, our expert electricians at 24/7 Electric will be happy to assist you. Our customers’ safety is our number one priority.

If you notice electrical danger signs in your home, 24/7 Electric can help. Call us at 587-315-1361 for a Calgary Electrician or 778-557-1519 for a Victoria Electrician, or complete our online request form.

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