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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Decorating for the holidays can fill you with immense joy and anticipation for all the festivities to come, not to mention if it’s a time-honored tradition for your family, it could make for a special bonding experience. Last week we talked about several essential outdoor decorating safety tips you should follow to ensure a memorable time with loved ones. This week we’re delving a little further and talking about indoor Christmas tree decorating tips.

As we mentioned in our last post, there’s a surge of house fires around Christmas time, often due to electrical issues with decorations. That’s why it’s critical to be extra careful and follow these important tips so that you don’t end up having to deal with a nightmare situation.

How to Pick the Perfect Tree

What is Christmas without a tree adorned with colorful ornaments, twinkling lights and atop it a star? For many, picking out the perfect Christmas tree is a family ritual and a highlight of the season. Children and adults alike search for “the perfect” tree. For some, it’s love at first sight, while other times it may take searching high and low for the best one. Follow these tips on picking “the one.”

  • Before you go shopping, measure the area you plan place your tree so that you don’t buy one that’s too tall or too wide. Then measure your tree stand to determine the max diameter it can handle. You’ll also need to measure the height of your tree stand as well as the decoration you want to put on top of your tree. Together, these numbers will help steer you in the direction of the kind of tree you will want.
  • Conduct the Fresh Test: Once you think you’ve found the best tree on the lot, you’ll want to properly evaluate its freshness. 1.) Try to pull a few needles. If they’re dry and break off easily, the tree is already drying, which is something you want to avoid. 2.) Bounce the three to see if any needles fall. If it’s suddenly raining needles, this is not the tree for you (or for you anyone). 3.) Check the bottom of the tree for a sticky resin. If your tree passes the test, then by-golly you’ve found the one!

Other Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Tree:

  • According to the Huffington Post, the best time to buy your tree is between the last week in November and the first week in December.
  • Choose a tree that has some space between the branches. A lush, full tree will make decorating a bit difficult, as your ornaments won’t hang straight.
  • Fraser and Noble Fir trees are typically easier to decorate.
  • Try to shop local. Tree farms are known to produce some of the best, freshest trees around.

Preparing the Tree

There’s so much anticipation around decorating the tree, but before you and the kids string lights and hang ornaments, you need to first prepare your tree. Here’s how:

  • Cut about 1-2” off the bottom of the tree for a fresh cut. Make sure it’s a straight cut too. Cutting the tree is essential as it allows water to soak up immediately.
  • When you place your tree in the stand, make sure the tip of the tree is on its side. Tighten the clamps on the stand, leaving just enough room to make adjustments once the stand is up right.
  • Lift the tree to a standing position. Adjust the tree so that it’s standing perfectly vertical. A leaning or wobbly tree will only cause problems. It’s best to make sure everything is in a good position before placing decorations.
  • If you want to spray artificial snow on your tree, do so outside and keep others from getting too close to the tree. Allow the tree to dry before bringing it inside.

Bringing the Tree Inside

So you’ve prepped your tree and it’s in a level position, ready to come inside. Now what?

  • With help, bring your tree inside and place it in the pre-determined location. Make sure it’s still level and standing straight.
  • Do not place your tree near any heat source, such as a fireplace or space heater. Further, keep all candles away from your tree.
  • Trim any lower branches that hit the wall or nearby furniture.
  • Once everything looks good, water your tree. Forgetting to water your tree daily will result in a dead tree. Not only will your tree lose its appeal, you’ll also put your tree at risk for catching fire.

Alas… Decorating the Tree

This is the part you’ve all been waiting for. Now’s the time to gather your loved ones and decorate the tree.

  • Before you dress up your tree up with bright, twinkling lights, make sure they’ve been tested by a reputable laboratory, UL being an example. We recommend using LED Christmas lights, as they’re more energy-efficient.
  • Check all lights for frayed wiring and broken or cracked bulbs. Replace any strands that might be questionable.
  • If you have a particularly tall tree, use a ladder for placing lights, ornaments and any other decoration.
  • Try to avoid placing breakable ornaments on your tree. Broken glass can be difficult to clean up.
  • Make sure any decorations that go on your tree are flame-resistant.
  • Don’t overload your electrical outlets.
  • Before going to bed or leaving the house, turn off all lights. Too many house fires happen because of negligence. For your peace of mind and the safety of your home and loved ones, play it safe and power everything off.

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