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4 Creative Father's Day Gift Ideas

4 Creative Father's Day Gift Ideas

Shopping for dads can be challenging. Sometimes you don’t have the slightest clue what your dad wants for Father’s Day, and he’s not really sure either. Rather than playing it safe with a typical neck tie or gift card this Father’s Day, why not surprise your dad this year with something a little bit more creative?

Here are 4 creative Father’s Day gift ideas from your friends at 24/7 Electric.

1. Home Theatre System

Let your dad enjoy a movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own home! A home theatre might seem like it would break the bank at first glance. But all you really need is a projector mounted to the ceiling or placed on a high shelf and a white wall to display the picture. Pile the whole family onto the couch (with more affordable popcorn and candy) and turn on Dad’s favorite movie for the most epic Father’s Day of all time!

2. Basement Facelift

Do you have an unfinished basement that mainly just holds an overflow of abandoned junk? Surprise dad this Father’s Day with a family fun space or a man cave to call his own! By sorting loose items into storage cabinets or containers, adding some classy recessed lighting into the ceiling to brighten things up, and adding a coat of paint to the walls you can begin the process of transforming your unused space.

3. Smart Home Upgrades

With everything from smart locks for your doors to learning thermostats to voice command music and internet devices, there are a wide range of new gadgets for every tech-loving dad. Consider home security devices such as smart phone-controlled locks or doorbell cameras for a safety-conscious dad. If your dad is happiest in the kitchen or outside on the grill, check out smart phone compatible meat thermometers that will help him flavor to perfection every time. If your dad is extra tech-savvy, consider voice command devices that will do research on the internet, schedule appointments, and play personalized music. There is a whole market of different smart tech for every dad and every budget.

4. Backyard Bash

Is your dad happiest during social gatherings? Invite friends or just family over for an outdoor party! Grill some hot dogs or burgers, turn up some music, splash in the pool or play lawn games. Make it a surprise party: then bring your dad outside and watch his face light up! Here are some outdoor lighting ideas for reference.

No matter what you decide to give your dad this Father’s Day, he is sure to love and appreciate the thought you put into it. We hope these creative Father’s Day gift ideas will help you start thinking outside the box and lead you to the perfect gift solution for your dad.

If you want to install home theatre devices, recessed lighting, or other home electrical upgrades for Father’s Day this year, 24/7 Electric can help. Call us at 587-315-1361 for a Calgary Electrician or 778-557-1519 for a Victoria Electrician, or complete our online request form.

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