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2 Electricity Projects for Kids

2 Electricity Projects for Kids

As professional electricians, we are consistently amazed by how fascinating ad powerful electricity can be. We believe it is important to pass that knowledge on to future generations: both to keep their love of learning alive and to keep them safe. One of the best ways to teach kids about electricity is with exciting hands-on projects to teach them about its properties.

If your kids are stuck at home for the summer and boredom is starting to creep in, here are some suggestions that will keep them busy and help them learn about science at the same time! Here are two fun electricity projects for kids from your friends at 24/7 Electric.

1. Separate salt and pepper using static electricity.

Demonstrate how static electricity works by magically separating salt from pepper! First, mix salt and pepper together in a bowl. Then have your child take a plastic comb and run it through their hair or rub it against a piece of wool fabric to give it a static charge. The pepper will be attracted to the comb, separating it from the salt. Hold the comb over the top of the bowl and watch as the pepper “jumps” out of the bowl and attaches itself to the comb!

2. Build your own circuit.

This might sound complicated, but it is actually very simple! This is one of our favorite electricity projects for kids. You will need the following materials: copper wire, 6-volt lantern battery, alligator clips or electrical tape, and a light bulb. (If you don’t want to gather up the supplies yourself, you can get them in a kit that comes with a book about electricity here.)

Step 1: Cut two 12-inch strips of wire. Peel back a little bit of the plastic cover on each end of the wire strips so that the metal is exposed. Be careful to only touch the plastic part of the wire while you are completing your circuit.

Step 2: Attach one end of the first wire strip to the metal bottom of the light bulb with electrical tape. Attach the opposite end of the first wire to the positive terminal on the battery and secure it in place with electrical tape. Attach one end of the second wire strip to the negative terminal on the battery and secure it in place with tape as well. The other end of the second wire strip should not be touching anything else yet.

Step 3: Taking care to hold the wire where it is covered by plastic, touch the metal bottom of the light bulb with the end of the copper wire. The lightbulb should light up, powered by the battery!

Have you tried either of these electricity projects for kids at home?

Let us know what you think in the comments below! We hope these electricity projects for kids will help educate young people and allow them to have some fun too.

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